When I grow up: Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee?


When I grow up

When I grow up - how on earth??

When I’m 30 years old I will live 1 kilometre from my current home. I will live in a mountain, on a house. Hmmm. You need to have a rethink darling. We live in Hertfordshire; there are no mountains here, and all you will find within one kilometre is a 1950’s housing estate and 5 Tesco metros. Unless of course your mountain is metaphorical, which it would have to be, were you to actually build it on top of a house. I do hope the house in question is not our current abode – I think a mountain might actually crush us. Though it would be nice to have you drop in for Sunday lunch.

I will be married. I will have 2 kids and a dog named Bob. I will have the same best friend I have right now. I will listen to the same kind of music I listen to right now. I will have the same basic haircut I have now. I will be in really excellent shape. Great, that sounds a lot like a normal life. Although I should point out that having 2 kids and being in excellent shape are mutually exclusive 😉

I will work as a dolphin trainer and I will make 100,100,000 dollars a year. Oh thank goodness. So when your mountain house caves in our roof I’ll just send the repair bill to you then. 

I will be 2 metres 10 centimetres tall. Sheesh that’s going to cost me a lot in groceries when you’re a teenager!

I will take a bus to work every day. What? You’re a multi-millionaire darling. You’ll have a limo. Besides, the buses round here only go the the Tesco metro.

I will have visited 17 different countries. Uh-oh, that sounds like a very expensive gap year…

I decided all of this using the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do it Yourself book (which for your information, we bought with our own money, so there). I entertain my family regularly from the back of the car with my scribblings on its pages. The Bug is perfecting his eye-roll…

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28 thoughts on “When I grow up: Wot So Funee?”

  1. I’m back joining in again. I’m going with a monthly round up of the toddler hilarity from our house (I hope thats okay?)
    I love your post. Such ambitions! I always find it funny how children view grown up life. When I was a kid, I really thought you got married at 18 because it was so grown up, and you definitely had kids by 20, otherwise you were well past it. But then I also thought that being a fairy was an actual career choice!!! x

  2. Love it, so funny. Who knew dolphin trainers had such a cushy number? Doing something lovely and being paid a mint; I definitely made the wrong career choice 😉 Great post. I’ve linked up with an older post comparing being a mum to Rocky’s training regime (probably because the summer hols have felt like Boot Camp) 😉 x

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! I’ll have to get it when the boys are old enough to understand the questions, though we might get some hilarious answers right now from Andrew 🙂

  4. Oh, brilliant. We have this book and the 7yo has spent hours pouring over it… Haven’t had a look at his scribblings recently, must hunt it out 🙂 We should all be dolphin trainers it would appear! Clearly where I went wrong…

  5. On the way home from preschool yesterday B told me she was starting school and then she would go to work when she was older. I asked her what she wants to do when she is older and she said “what you do Mummy”. Unfortunately I didn’t find out what she thinks I do.

  6. Brilliant. She will love looking back at that when she is 30! I can remember when I was in primary school writing about the year 2000, I said I would be driving a red sports car – never mind that I would only be 16!

  7. Oh to be able to remember what I thought I would be at that age! My daughter keeps asking me about my first boyfriend, no idea what goes through their heads sometimes! great book, will check it out.

  8. That was so sweet! Who knew dolphin trainers made that kind of money? And I love that she is going to ride the bus to work! Out of the mouths of babes….
    They used to have the kids do a little project at school where they talked about their mom…I was really really old and my job was watching tv and shopping all day. 🙂

  9. Would love to hear what answers my two would give! LOL at in a mountain on a house somewhere in Hertfordshire, I’d like to visit 😉 xx

  10. I will have to do one of these lists when my kids are a bit older the feedback will b very interesting lol mine would of bin completely different I don’t see any of my school mates live miles away from my childhood house and wouldn’t have a clue what job I would have wanted to have don defo not wok in a bookies lol

  11. The distance from home and the height are lovely – what I find so innocent and heart warming is the belief of still being best friends – I do very hope so.

  12. Haha wow this is the cutest thing ever!

    2 meters 10 centimeters is quite tall. So Im guessing that will make her the tallest mountain living, dolphin training, multimillionaire in Hertfordshire? 😛


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