What floats my boat – a Center Parcs family post

This year we are a Center Parcs family. What that means is that me and the Bug bang on and on and on about “when are we going back to Center Parcs, Mummy?” while Mummy daydreams about the 3 blissful hours she spent in the Aqua Sana spa there, not having to listen to such stuff. It also means that we get to feature Center Parcs on our blog, whilst having a go at the fun challenges that they set us.

All good so far. However, several of the challenges this year for the Center Parcs family team have revolved around craft. Mummy is allergic to craft, so not surprisingly, she is behind in her to-do list. But she has responded well to encouragement orders and managed to create a boat last night, as per this month’s “Sail Away” challenge.

I suspect her aversion to craft has something to do with her being a control freak – put it this way, if I want to complete a creation of my own, I have to go to great lengths to hide the fact that I’m doing it from Mummy, or she will take over and try to make it “better.” So when I heard the rip of Duck tape last night after I had gone to bed, I knew that some adult crafting was underway.

This is what she managed to produce:

"My Center Parcs family Floating Snacks Tray!"

She claims it is a boat, because it floats. This is how she made it:

"What floats my boat - we're a Center Parcs family"

  1. Find 4 similarly sized plastic bottles – with lids (very important)!
  2. Strap them together using Duck tape – sellotape is not strong enough, and masking tape will get soggy = risk of capsizing.
  3. Attach biscuit tin lid, using randomly tied bits of string.
  4. Check surface area is large enough for intended snacks.

She then tested it in the bath. Blink, and you’ll miss it. There was a very long video to post at this point – in fact the whole blog was going to be vlog. But Daddy’s editing skills leave a lot to be desired, and Mummy was naked. After editing for decency there wasn’t much left:

Did you see? It did float, with all snacks and wine bobbing nicely at arm’s length for long enough to allow Mummy a wallow with a handy array of Prosecco and chocs to keep her happy for a while. It’s just that Daddy video’d the wrong bits, and although Mummy’s craft might be painful to watch, Mummy naked is likely to make your eyes bleed.

So, what do you think? Think you can make a better boat? Think you make one with a better purpose? You have until 30 August to join in the Center Parcs family August challenge, for a chance to win a short break at Center Parcs for your own family 🙂

Disclosure: we stayed at Center Parcs in Elveden Forest free of charge for the purposes of review. Mummy hates craft. But she likes wine, crisps and chocolate. And she is a multi-tasker…

10 thoughts on “What floats my boat – a Center Parcs family post”

  1. This is the best floating boat I have seen yet – and fantastic use of it too. Practical – I like that.

    As for the nakedness in the bath I shall have to give center parcs a miss lol

  2. If it floats it can be a boat, fact! I’m not a fan of craft myself so am suitably impressed with your efforts.


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