Stitched up by a Mermaid Letter! Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee?Ha! Something tells me GG has sussed the provenance of the mermaid letter that arrives with decreasing frequency at our house. At last! I can stop adding that to my to do list! And what’s more, she’s totally stitched herself up for several months to come. You see, we found this on the mat, on the Bug’s birthday:

"mermaid letter"

So wrapped up is she in the illusion, she’s given herself extra work too:

"mermaid letter ps"


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16 thoughts on “Stitched up by a Mermaid Letter! Wot So Funee?”

  1. What an imagination – I’m sure the dress will be amazing!
    PS. Sorry about the incorrect link… Not quite sure what happened there 🙂

  2. It looks like she is making work for herself, unless she is after the praise from Bug for designing something 😉 x

    • Not sure where it’s heading really. Maybe she’s double bluffing me – perhaps for every letter I her mermaid writes to her, the Bug will get one. Maybe it’s me who’s being stitched up!?

  3. Oh dear, oh dear! She really has stitched herself up!!! 🙂 Really glad to be back this week – even though it is with a ‘best of’!


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