Top Tips To Furnish A Tiny Bedroom

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Having a small bedroom is never ideal, but it’s rarely out of choice. If you’re looking for a family home in a busy location, the chances are you’ll have to sacrifice some bedroom space for an affordable home! Naturally, this is a price you’re willing to pay, but it does mean that you or your kids will have a cramped space to relax in. Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel claustrophobic when you’re trying to sleep at night! Tiny rooms can feel spacious, it’s all about how you decorate them. 

Mainly, it boils down to how you furnish your bedroom. The furniture takes up loads of space, so how can you prevent this from happening? Here are a few tips that you will find useful:

Give items of furniture more than one use

When you look at the typical items of furniture in a bedroom, you quickly realise that many of them are somewhat unnecessary. They’re luxuries that you don’t technically need, but have because you can. With a small room, there’s no point in having these luxuries as you can make one item of furniture perform the role of many pieces. For instance, look at some of the chest of drawers shown here, and think about how they can save space by doubling up as a bedside table. Slap a mirror on there and you’ve also got a dressing table. That’s three items of furniture combined into one, saving a massive amount of space!

Furnish your walls

Wall furniture is another smart idea as it gives you some much-needed storage space without requiring loads of floor space to be consumed. Here, you can have some shelves or boxes on the wall that could store clothing. It’s a handy wardrobe alternative and will make your room feel a lot more spacious. Also, storage on the walls can free clutter from your room, also adding to the feeling of spaciousness. 

Consider a pull-down bed

Also known as a wall bed or Murphy bed, this is a genius space-saving idea in a small bedroom. It works best in kids’ rooms as they will get more room for activities during the day. For those who don’t know, this type of bed is attached to the wall via a hinge. From here, you can pull it down so it lies horizontally and functions as a normal bed. Then, when you’ve finished sleeping, you lift it back up and it fits vertically against the wall.

As you can imagine, it makes your small bedroom look and feel so much bigger than if a bed was always there. Now, you can get beds that fold away into a sofa, but this damages the mattress over time. A pull-down bed is much better as a) it saves more space, and b) the mattress isn’t bent or folded in any way. 

There you go, three very simple tips to help you furnish a small bedroom. For me, the best tip is definitely the first one where you use an item of furniture to replace many different items that you might have in a larger bedroom. The other two ideas as still definitely worthwhile, but that one is my favourite!

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