…of my brother. Shhhh! Keep your voice down! Yes, I know it is lovely, but I really don’t want it shouted from the rooftops. He is, after all, The Bug. He is cute and annoying in equal measure, and if he ever got wise to the fact that I care at all, he would use it against me at every opportunity!

“Mummy, GG is being mean to me…. Mummy, GG isn’t sharing….. Mummy, GG made me be Ken to her Barbie and she won’t let Ken shoot anything….” I mean honestly, you’d think he would finally get wise to the fact that I am older, and a girl, and that I am therefore in charge. It is non-negotiable!

The Bug bugs me. There, I said it. But he also cuddles me. He tells me he loves me. He shares his sweets with me willingly. He watches endless shows when I need an audience, and he lets me have Paparazzi before he gets Judas on the iPod. He is popular at school because he is just so easy-going, and I get a tear when I see him with his reception mates choosing his lunch. And don’t even think about pushing him around on the playground because I will take you down!

I am proud of him for all of this. But I am most proud because he has just learned to do this:

I wrote this for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers, where you can see other people’s pride.

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