GG gets a MAD Award from Myleene Klass. And a top night on the town…

Little did I know, when Mummy switched from hand-written to online diary 18 months ago, that the result would be this:

"Myleene Klass"

GG and Myleene Klass wear Leopard Print
for the Schooldays category, sponsored by Startrite Shoes

Oh, and this:

"MAD Blog Awards Trophy"

Friday night saw The MAD’s and we were finalists in the Schooldays Category. For those readers who do not blog,  think “OSCARS” but for Parenting Bloggers (MAD: Mum and Dad), and you’ve got the general idea. Special outfits, speeches, beautiful dinner tables, tears, and an after party…

There will be more about Mummy, her outfit, her acceptance speech *yawns* – but for now, lets talk about me, and how I celebrated winning a MAD award!

First of all, I should point out that I was on a winning streak. Having missed out 3 years running, I emerged from my classroom on Friday afternoon, elected to the School Council! “Sign of things to come,” cheered Mammasaurus (I know, how cool is it that the mighty Mammasaurus met me from school?).

Then began a whirlwind of transport, crushed dresses steaming in the shower, popping wine, hair appointments, make-up, and something called Spanx… The Bug and I truly had our eyes opened that afternoon, as excited Mums glamourised and squeezed into breathtaking outfits.

When the time came for him and me to get our glad-rags on, it couldn’t have been quicker; I simply put on my leopard print and collapsed on the bed in fits of giggles!

"River Island Kidswear"
GG wears River Island, Bug wears H&M

 I had been ticking off the days, because I was so excited to be at an awards ceremony; but even more so because I was given my outfit by River Island. Our local River Island is a regular stop-off point for me, and I often get left behind gazing at sequins when Mummy is already halfway to the car-park. I always imagined having to wait until I was really, really old before being able to actually wear something from their range. But apparently not; River Island Kidswear is a recent addition, and I totally approve.

"River Island Kids clothes"

"faux fur jacket from River Island"Mummy gasped when I told her what I wanted to wear, but it being a special occasion she let me go for it. In the weeks running up to the event, several ladies asked what size my black sequin wedge ankle boots came in, and Mummy began to notice that leopard print is indeed in every single shop in town. Finally! I fell in love with this beautiful faux fur jacket that I saw on the website, but it wasn’t available in my size at the time. Oh, well… who wears fur on the Red Carpet anyway!

Luckily my outfit gave me the nerve to ask for a photo with Myleene Klass, who was presenting the Best MAD Schooldays Blog award. I imagine she felt a kindred spirit with me as we both showed off our leopard print for the cameras. I reckon we could do a great modelling double-act when she gets her next major high street deal 😉

"River Island Kids Clothes"

Anyway, I wasn’t allowed to stay for the award bit – it was just eating dinner (boring), chatting about blogging (same old, same old) and giggling (which I can do anywhere, and usually do). But a girl in cool threads is a girl needing a night on the town, so I insisted on Daddy taking me and the Bug to Inamo, where we ordered cocktails and played battleships on our interactive table:

"Inamo restaurant with interactive tables"

After I’d beaten him 3 times, Daddy said he’d had enough and took us home. It was late:

"just like his father"

Luckily, River Island had found my size and included the fur jacket in my package too:

"River Island Faux Fur Jacket for kids"

Come back on Friday when Mummy will be telling you all what she got up to at the MAD Blog Awards whilst I was out on the town with my boys… 😉

You can see more pictures of the night on the MAD Blog Awards Facebook page.

 * Disclosure: we were kindly given GG’s outfit for the MAD’s by River Island. Editorial content is our own. Opinions are all GG’s. If she’d hated it, she would say so. She didn’t, and what’s more, she’s convinced she needs all of the dresses on the website now…

12 thoughts on “GG gets a MAD Award from Myleene Klass. And a top night on the town…”

  1. Aah, you’re a sweetheart like your mummy and nearly as pretty! [Ha HA] HUGE Congratulations on your award and I loved your recorded speech X

  2. I love, love, love your boots and got very excited that they were kids shoes as mostly I wear kids shoes (I know I’m a grown up but I’ve dinky feet- a 3!)

    How sad am I that they only go up to a 2?! Nooooo fair!

    Glad you had a good time at the MADs ~ well deserved win! And you looked awesome! ;0)

    • How awesome to have such small feet! You can get gorgeous boots from Mini Boden in a size 3, and for half the price of adult boots!

  3. You looked awesome! What a star! Well done on winning and well done on having such fab style and generally being lovely!!


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