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Dear Beautiful Boy  gave Mummy this idea in her post for last week’s Showcase on Love Mummy Blogs. You see, she mentioned her birth story. She has mentioned it before, and she is not the only one. Lots of bloggers mention their birth stories; and lots of them leave it there, promising a future post, teasing Mummy, leaving her wanting more. So she has decided to take matters into her own hands and ask people to share their birth stories here in a meme. So that she can finally get the gory low-down on everyone else’s labour.

That’s what Mummies do, isn’t it? Talk about really dull stuff, for hours on end, like it was the latest Barbie accessory or something. Ok ladies, get it out of your systems already! Write up your birth story post and then come back here next Tuesday and link it up. If you wrote it years ago that’s fine too – just come and link up the original post when the linky goes live. Or if you’re not a blogger, write it in the comments section next week. Mummy will be in 7th Heaven and we will get to watch DVD’s for two whole days, so there’s a lot at stake *rolls eyes in a teenagerish fashion*!


11 thoughts on “Share Your Birth Story”

  1. I’ve been meaning to do this for months! Even started a draft but never finished. Thanks for the motivation to finally finish writing it!

  2. How funny, I posted my birth story on day 1 of NaBloPoMo as I thought it was all quite fitting.

    I am a sucker for birth stories so look forward to come back on tue and see them all. Please remind us on twitter as I have the memory of a goldfish


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