School Shoes

There were tears on the playground this morning as my scuffed old school shoes bounded down the steps into my new classroom. The tears were not mine, nor were they shed on my behalf; I’m an old hand at this lark now, as you can see by the slightly scruffy appearance of my patent leather.

No, the tears belonged with another pair of shoes; the brand new shiny ones on the left; the ones that have never seen the inside of a school …..until today. I bid the Bug good luck, with instructions on where to meet me on the playground at break-time. He made his classroom entrance with a slightly more timid gait than my own, but with a small smile on his face nonetheless.

You see, the tears weren’t his either…..

13 thoughts on “School Shoes”

  1. Aww, so lovely. There’s is something about new school shoes that brings a lump to all mum’s throats I think. My two barely give me a second glance on the first day of term now, but I do feel a little shiver when I see their little feet in new shoes trot off into the playground

    • Put it off as long as possible is my advice – once you’re on that particular conveyor belt the years seem to go round a lot faster. Before I know it I’ll be dropping them off at Uni! Nice to hear from you


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