5 Things We Know About Daddy

Daddy, we know that you are rubbish at discipline, that 1-2-3 Magic might as well be a foreign language, and that you practically invented the word ‘mallarkey’. We also know that you hate the bath-time hysteria that mallarkey inevitably leads to, but we don’t know where to draw the line, and neither do you, so it is likely to continue for some time yet.

But here are some things we know about you, that you might not even realise you have shared with us. Things that will stay with us forever, and change the way we lead our lives:

  1. You have a vision for us. You’re not fussed about the detail; you want us to be happy, healthy, and to have all our dreams come true
  2. You have passion and you want to share it; you – obsessed with football and skiing; me – with dancing and acting; the Bug – sticks and comedy. You don’t insist we follow your lead (although if the Bug decides to support Man Utd you will probably  send him to boarding school – in Ipswich 😉 ); you take our lead and throw yourself into whatever new thing we are passionate about
  3. You never stop wanting to learn. You with the itchy pants after 18 months in the same job, always pushing us to try something new, to say longer words. We will thank you for that in years to come
  4. You are the kindest, gentlest man we know. We don’t always see that, and you astonish us with your tantrums once in a while, but your heart is enormous and you will always put us first when it counts
  5. You can never have too many friends. Friends are just an extension of family – that’s how important they are. I am methodically creating a vast list of friends, and the Bug, in his first week of school has already asked for 3 playdates. But we think you may have forgotten how important your friends are – give them a call every now and then.

How do we know all that? Because you show it to us, every day, in everything you do. Because you’re our Dad, and we get you. Now, stop blubbing (yes, we know you’re a softie too) and get the Wii out!

I am so thrilled to be taking part in The Friday Club at Notes From Home. Some very beautiful posts over there today:

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