Reminding Yourself Of What Matters In Life


Whenever we watch the news or take a step outside our front door, it’s easy to be reminded of the unpredictability and chaos of how things can go. However, despite the news, or despite the difficulties that you may face, it’s important to note that you can always take refuge in the things that matter. Does this mean we need to become wilfully ignorant in order to be happy? 

Of course, it’s impossible to completely avoid real life, yet many of us can find some kind of relief and comfort in remembering what actually matters in life to us personally. It can help us avoid falling into activities or worries that hold no water. For instance, think about what it takes to argue with someone on Twitter. Sure, you can belittle ideas you might not think are valid, or you can push your own view in the conviction that you’re right, but all you’re really achieving is alienating someone else and venting your stress. Instead of using our limited energies in this way, focusing on that which really matters while we have the chance to be part of those things can be a wonderful idea.

Let’s explore a few examples:


Reminding Yourself Of What Matters In Life


Family matters. After all, these are the people who will be with you no matter what. Remember that family isn’t necessarily limited to our blood ties. Family isn’t who you were born into, but who you would willingly give everything for. If you can remind yourself of them, be that with multi photo frames or simply keeping them in your mind’s eye, directing your life for the good of yourself and the people you love can feel much more simple and rewarding.


The Basics

It’s important to remember that luxuries do not equal a happy life. We might find it easier to feel happy in a brand new supercar than in a car that has broken down four times that month. But altogether, it’s the basics we need that can make us truly content. From the warmth of a beautiful day to the food we enjoy cooking with our loved ones, staying humble means noticing what we actually need instead of that we desire. Again, this can help us avoid missing the forest for the trees, and it will keep us directed on our life path.



Our health matters, as does caring for it. Instead of spending the morning worried about work or feeling down about something we cannot control, going for a walk can be a great idea. Spending time in nature, exercising, meditation, eating well – these are the rights we can take refuge in and practice as often as we’re able, because they will heal and help us resolve our stress time and time again. When you can focus on practical efforts like this, you’re almost certainly going to feel less frantic when life challenges inevitably hit. This is because you have already told yourself you are more than worth it. That’s a powerful place to begin.

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