Reasons to be Cheeful

 The brilliant Michelle at Mummy From the Heart (who has just joined Love All Blogs and is now a colleague of Mummy’s) runs a linky post called Reasons to be Cheerful. This week she is cheerful because the theme has been running for a year, and to celebrate she has lots of wonderful prizes! What’s more there are books, and that makes me more cheerful than anything. So here are my 3 reasons to be cheerful this week:

  1. The pain in my side has gone away. I have been complaining of a pain for a few days. After painstaking consultations with various googled websites Mummy came to the conclusion that it was either a bladder infection or appendicitis. She prodded me and wiggled my legs according to all the respectable instructions she could find on Yahoo, and determined that I did need to see a doctor – preferably one with an MRI machine by his desk. She waited 45 minutes whilst redialling the Dr’s surgery the requisite number of times before securing an appointment. I left school with a pale face and mute tongue. It was fear more than illness – of Mummy. In the waiting room I asked her to please not be cross with me, but the pain had gone!

    Appendix photo credit
  2. I finally spent my birthday Amazon vouchers on 6 new books, as recommended by Fantastic Reads. I am now mostly to be found by the front door awaiting the postman. Bug’s law says that he will come and leave a red card whilst we are at the depot collecting yesterday’s missed delivery!
  3. Mummy has finally launched her business and started making money! This means that not only can we go on a holiday that doesn’t involve mud, but that I can wheedle some more new books out of her when I finish the new ones. Which should be on Sunday, depending on how proactive the postman is!



7 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheeful”

  1. Thank you for linking, and so glad I can help with the second reason to be cheerful! I can’t wait to find out how you liked the books!

  2. I must check out Fantastic Reads I am always looking for inspiration for my class at school as well as books for my little one. I have to admit that I actually love reading them myself!

  3. Thanks so much for joining in, I love the idea of reasons to be cheerful too!

    So glad the pain is gone, it’s horrible dealing with not feeling great yourself while needing to be on too of parenting as well!


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