For most of our half term holidays it rained. Which was a shame, because we were visiting Grandma, and she lives by the beach. Nevertheless going outside is mandatory at some point if Mummy wants her ear-drums in one piece, and her temper neat and tidily packaged. So we went to the park. (Apologies – I was in a procoptious [sic] mood).

Rainy day fun for kids

There are also certain obligatory activities to carry out during a visit to Grandma. We MUST visit the beach and lob stones at the sea, even if our hands freeze. And we MUST eat hot doughnuts from the kiosk, even if we get drenched in the queue.

We did some marketing for Daddy while we were down there:

"Thorpe Park"

And by the time we came home the sun was shining, so we did this, with our new magic outdoor crayons. They wash away in the rain apparently, but we wouldn’t know because it hasn’t rained since we did it. You’re welcome 😉

"rainy day fun for kids"

I also showed that deep down, when I’m not being propconscious [sic], I do love my brother, and it is sometimes all about him:

I love my brother

Finally in the sunshine, Mummy poured her first one of these for the year:

"sparkling wine"

While we got down to breaking in our new football boots:

"football boots"

See? A good outdoor week despite the rain! So we’re joining in with Country Kids again 🙂

Weekend Blog Hop

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