What? I’m excited! We get some very cool stuff to review, but I’ve never had a retro sweets hamper before. I’ve been told many times to calm down, but seriously, with names like Best Ever Retro Sweets MEGA Box + Marshmallows (!!! Hello!) it’s going to take me until at least November to quell the excitement enough to start thinking about Christmas.

"retro sweets hamper fathers day gift"

I’m afraid I actually became speechless as I gazed at the contents of the Marshmallow hamper. It has 44 different retro sweets, including:

  • Black Jacks Chews
  • Fruit Salad Chews
  • Refreshers Original Chews
  • Anglo Bubbly
  • Chocolate Footballs
  • Love Heart Mini Rolls
  • Parma Violets
  • Fizzers Original
  • Chocolate Coins
  • Mr Tabs
  • Mini Me Chews
  • Fruit BonBons

The list goes on, and on – and on a bit more – until finally it mentions the marshmallows. Like, seriously OMG!

Choose your own retro sweets hamper

You don’t have to have marshmallows though. I know that my Dad would like the Chocolate Bars version, my Mum would disappear upstairs for a week with the Liquorice version, and the Bug would choose the Chewy Bars. I’m a bit tempted by the Popping Candy, but Mummy says she’d like me to choose the Gobstoppers. I can’t think what she means by that…

With candy lipsticks, Fizz Whizz, and chewy mushrooms (only Mummy is old enough to remember those), and a load more that would take me over my wordcount limit, I think this is quite possibly the best review we will ever do!

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