Hatfield Galleria at duskIt’s not the best photo this week, snapped at dusk as we climbed to the top of the car park at Hatfield Galleria after seeing the new LEGO movie. (And for those of you wondering, yes, it is worth seeing – very cool indeed). I’ve doctored it in picmonkey as best I can, but it’s still grainy – an iPhone in the dark is not the photographer’s best friend.

But I took it because it impressed me with its drama on a stormy evening. And there is a story. My children are fans of the top levels. Apparently I am quite a good mum. Quite. Not excellent, because I tend to park wherever I see a space, such is the desire to get on with whatever comes next in my day. My daughter made this observation recently:

“When I’m a mum I’m going to be really nice to my children and always take them to the top level, just to make them happy.”

So last weekend we drove past empty spaces, up ramps I never knew existed, right to the top of the wind-blown uppermost level. I’m glad we did, because now I know what the top of Hatfield Galleria looks like. Pretty cool!

In other news this week, Valentine’s Day saw Actually Daddy forgo his usual dash into town for late-night, last-minute chocolate shopping, and plan ahead with this little gem:

Hashtag: the perfect gift for a social media addictWhat more could a social media fan need than their very own hashtag?

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