By Helen and GG.


What children think about longer school hours.

Last week Michael Gove announced plans to lengthen the school day in a bid to bring state education closer to that delivered in private schools. We wrote about the proposals on BritMums, and people have asked what the children think, because after all, it is they who would be most directly affected. We asked GG to tell you what she thinks.

Ask GG - your tween-sized agony aunt

Dear GG: Michael Gove wants children to spend 10 hours a day in school, and have fewer holidays. What do you think about longer school hours?

From GG: Not a good idea full stop. More hours? I don’t think he got teachers to vote on this. Also, if you spent more time in school you should have more holidays. Well anyway you know what’s going happen if this becomes real? I am going to pay a bunch of mad year threes to go to him and scream at him until he comes round. Here is some points about why it should not happen:

  • All the clubs would either have to shut down or change times.
  • Children would get exhausted and they would not be able to do their best work
  • Schools would have to pay the teachers more to work longer hours and the schools that couldn’t afford it would only have about 5 teachers for the whole school.
  • We couldn’t play with anybody out of school because we wouldn’t have time.
  • I would get angry, children would get angry, parents would get angry, teachers would get angry etc.
  • Michel Gove would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever see his kids. But then perhaps he doesn’t like his kids.
  • Parent Evenings would have to have more days and go on until midnight because there wouldn’t be enough time after school.

So, under the threat of mad year threes screaming at him he will change his mind. Hopefully.


We contributed to a post with Stressymummy last week over on BritMums about Michael Gove’s plans to lengthen the school day. We want to know what you think so leave a comment. 

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