This week sees Michelle and Jen from BritMums travelling to Ethiopia with ONE Mums, an organisation dedicated to raising awareness of extreme poverty and preventable disease. ONE is not a charity, and is not asking for your money. All they need is for you to add your voice to the movement that is keeping this issue on the political agenda for change.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Sign up to ONE using the box above, and add your voice to the campaign. Remember, you will not be asked for money, and it only takes one Mum to grow the fight against poverty.

2. If you own a website, consider adding the widget to make it easy for your visitors to add their voices too.

3. If you’re a parent blogger, you can take part in this quick and fun meme about what being a Mum means to you. Once you’ve published your post head over to Seasider Clare and link up so other’s can find you easily and write their own.

It only takes ONE Mum to spread the word. It only takes ONE Mum to make a difference…

What being a Mum means to me (GG)

Oh-oh, she’s on my case again…
Noodles are my favourite Mummy, can we have them for tea every day?
Eventually I’ll come if you yell up the stairs for long enough.
Mornings start early in our house!
Underestimate the need for cake at your peril!
Mithering, whining and wheedling will get me everywhere…
Simply the best 🙂

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