Note to the Easter Bunny: Wot So Funee?

Ok, so not really funee this week, more “aw I’m so proud” moment, as Mummy read (and ignored) my final missive to the Easter Bunny. I have written several, on my own behalf as well as the Bug’s, and Mummy claims the Bunny will not be able to keep up with changes. You see, we are gifted so much chocolate by relatives that Mummy goes demented looking at the confectionary counter in our kitchen for the next 3 months. Therefore we ask the Easter Bunny to bring us an alternative gift. Or a voucher:

"Note to the Easter Bunny"Don’t forget, Bunny, it has to come from Argos!

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12 thoughts on “Note to the Easter Bunny: Wot So Funee?”

  1. Aw! And everyone knows that seahorses are what the Easter Bunnio loves best too!
    I have one to link up once the linky is open 😀

  2. Wow this looks really awesome! I didn’t expect this and your kid is very cute… Of course every mum will be very proud with this…

  3. Have spent ages catching up on your blog and really enjoyed it, thank you. – Gosh you dont rest much eh? Am also joining WW any day and attending the STC conference, so look forward to meeting your mummy there! X

    • Oh good luck – WeightWatchers is brilliant – as long as you stay motivated. Thanks for spending some time on my site today too!

  4. Haha! This is so sweet. I particularly like ‘sorry for all the trouble’ 🙂

    My nine year old is always leaving notes for people like the tooth fairy, trying to catch me out with questions like ‘exactly how old are you?’ and ‘why was your handwriting different in the last note you left me?’

    Personally I think she should just take the 50p and be grateful.

  5. Ah hilarious now I can’t wait until Jess can write so we can join in with these, she’s pretty mad so I’m sure I’ll have some funny notes/letters coming my way in the future! I’ll look forward to more of your daughters work in the meantime 🙂

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