My embarrassing Mum

"In the News"How far do you go to get a vote of confidence? How much are you prepared to have people laugh at you? I have the answer to that question. As far as my Mum is concerned, if you’re laughing, she’s happy. Always the clown, the tact-free one who says what everyone else is thinking, without thinking. That’s my embarrassing Mum. Anyway, here she is again, allowing the nation to ridicule her in her choice of fantasy boyfriend. Mind you, she’s not alone in her  MADness…

And if you’re not convinced about my Mum and her craziness, you can listen to her make a fool of herself on Radio Verulam here…

Other bloggers should note, that Mummy says she was being ironic when she proclaimed our home town as the Mecca of Mummy Bloggers. Everyone knows the best bloggers live miles from London 😉 Audio courtesy of The Mummy Whisperer,who was way more polished and professional. Vote for her, she’s very impressive! And if for some odd reason my embarrassing Mum is your cup of tea, you’ve got until 5pm on Wednesday 6th July to give her your vote in the MAD Schooldays category.

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