Saturday is Caption Day

Me and the Bug do get up to some shenanigans/mallarkey/nonsense/trouble (delete according to whether you are Grandpa/Daddy/Grandma/Mummy). But Mummy actually has no recollection of what on earth we were doing on here last summer. Can you help with a caption?


All the captions on this side are driven by the need to compete for the attention of the caption genius that is Mammasaurus!

22 thoughts on “Saturday is Caption Day”

  1. “Mummy pulled out her trump card – her stun gun – to immobilise the children long enough to give her time to pack the car up…”

    Best Wishes

  2. It was a battle of wills, the kids wanted to stay at the beach, mummy wanted to go home and blog. So far, the kids were winning.

  3. “Has she finished taking the photo yet?!”
    “No!!” ”
    Well, maybe if we just lie here she’ll get bored and stop….”


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