MAD Blog Awards Finalist!

I am compelled to update this post today (7.10.12) due to a request from Mummy Alarm to share our worst fashion faux pas. I thought I looked like a princess at the time. What? It was the eighties! I was trying to point out to an ex-boyfriend (and his new girlfriend) how gorgeous and unattainable I was. Do you think it worked??

I have also enjoyed revisiting my emotions on learning that we were finalists in the MADs!


1.03am sees me sitting downstairs in my dressing gown, stuffing Pom Bears in my cakehole, contemplating the awesome news that my little blog has been shorlisted as a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards 2012. A blogging friend Facebook messaged me about 10 minutes after Mummy’s bedtime, and there is just no way of sleeping now (yes, A Mummy Too, you alone are responsible for the deluge of eyerolls and petulance which will reign in this household tomorrow, but I’m rather pleased you did it).


Me – Actually Mummy; my blog, the one with the tantrums, the funee writing, the attitude, and the sheer exhibitionism of a 7 year old. The one with the Bug, who is rapidly usurping my position of cutest scribe in this household (that’s what you get for learning your spellings I suppose).

But my point is this: my little blog, full of random musings about iPads and teachers, Barbie doll cliques and Smarties, is a finalist alongside some incredible blogs! Blogs which have been around ages longer than mine. Blogs which Mummy admires, and one of which she randomly discovered on a Google search long before she had even heard of a Blog! What is that all about???

So as I sit here on my 3rd pack of Pom Bears and contemplate sending some Haribo bears down there to keep them company, I counsel myself not to get too excited. It may well not be my turn. I may well not be required to pen an acceptance speech. But when Mummy wakes up in the morning I’ll be jumping on her bed to remind her that she said she would bring me, the Glib Girl as her plus 1 to the awards party. I’d like to see her get that past the organisers! I will also be reminding her that she promised to wear this dress:

"silver lame Ballgown"That’s how small a chance she thought she had. Now if you want to see this dress on the winners podium you need to vote for Actually Mummy, in the Best Schooldays category. In the meantime I will keep working on that Plus 1 invite for me 😉

*Cracks open the Fanta* *Browses Lelly Kellie catalogue* *Practices hair flick*



18 thoughts on “MAD Blog Awards Finalist!”

  1. Oops! I am very sorry – I saw your name and got over excited. You totally deserve to be in the finals 🙂 WELL DONE (dude).

  2. I think that this incredible blog more than deserves its shiny place alongside the other incredible blogs, congratulations! Right, voting…


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