Sunday Funny!

Friend, whilst having torch shone into her eyes by annoying little brother:Stop shining that light in my eyes

Brother: But I’m torchering you!

And here’s something else to make you laugh – on Monday Mummy is going to be on 3 Counties Radio, wittering to Nick Coffer, who sounds very lovey and professional. That’s bound to be funny. Tune in between 1pm and 2pm on 95.5fm to hear what stuff and nonsense she talks about, and then you’ll know what I have to put up with 24:7 😉

Now, did you write something funny this week? Stick a link in it and click below to link up your #SunFun. This week is supposed to be Mammasaurus hosting, but she’s far too incapacitated today, having celebrated her birthday last night – best leave her to her sore head…. 😀

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