Saturday is caption day

"teddies in the freezer"And by way of an explanation for this travesty:

"how to treat headlice"
Essential products for treating headlice


37 thoughts on “Saturday is caption day”

  1. Bear 1: Quick, let’s hide in here before she finds out we’ve drunk her wine AND her headlice treatment

    Bear 2: HIC! Want a fight?

  2. Pink Bear: This is shit. First class he said. Me, you and Auntie Bessie up here while Captain Birdeye down there gets a space to himself. Look at him, sat there will that stupid smirk on his face. And they can turn that bloody air con down. Do you think this is okay? Where did he say we’re getting off? Crewe?
    I’m booking it next time.

  3. Please don’t leave us here. That Birds Eye Polar Bear is scary… he gets chefs sacked who knows what he’ll do to us for being on his turf!

  4. Oh no headlice!!! I use to have them a lot when i was growing up. Linicin is quite good for treating it. Sorry but can’t think of a caption

  5. ‘quick boys we need to form an escape plan – I just saw what happened to the chicken dipper – taken out and ROASTED ALIVE!’

    ‘Full marks’ for an excellent SatCap you ‘nit-wit’ *slams own head on coffee table with shame*

  6. Moo Moo was having a hard time convincing those bears that frozen Birds Eye beef burgers would be just as good as freshly made ones…

  7. Hey hon. Not sure if I’m alone in this, but there’s a giant box that pops up on your site and blocks a lot of the content. I noticed it the other day, too…

    I took a screenshot so you can see what I mean:

    Anyway, I can’t see the left side of the photos so don’t know what’s going on! 🙁

      • Coo. Just as an update, after I posted the comment, the box finally went away. But when I left and came back to the site, it popped up again. It scrolls with the screen as well, so it’s in the same spot (upper left corner) no matter where on the page I am.


    • It’s a Digg Digg plugin but it’s supposed to be long and narrow and not obscure the page like it does for you – I’m canvassing opinion x

  8. I tried telling her that nits can’t survive off a human for more than a few hours, but she punished me by locking me in the freezer.

  9. Despite Aunt Bessie providing Perfect for 2 pudding these animals were being punished, they were out in the cold (get it?!)


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