76/366 A strange piano lesson

I had a banging headache tonight. I didn’t mention it until we were on our way to piano lessons, and I didn’t play it up. It was a headache. Stuff happens. The Bug was off for 24 hours with a 40 deg temperature, but was fine afterwards. I did the classic sit down on a chair that wasn’t there any more thing at school and hurt my back. Either one could have been the cause of my headache. Who knows.

My piano teacher had a headache too; wisdom toot troubles apparently. We practiced my Chante Arabe – trickier than it looks at first glance. I did ok, but my heart wasn’t in it. Pale, with dark smudges under my eyes, I couldn’t come up with a second performance. So we played make up a rhythm and clap it out. Games are all part of my piano lessons. Suzuki method, it’s a bit different, and for that I was glad tonight. I think my teacher was too…

"musical notes"

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5 thoughts on “76/366 A strange piano lesson”

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! I love the piano. Wish I could play but twinkle twinkle is about as much as I can manage!

  2. Great photo. We have a piano sat waiting in the dining room, waiting for when The Boy is old enough to have lessons, I will have lessons at the same time. Our piano was bought from the primary school that I work in, my old primary school, and it was the infant school piano when I was there.

    Thanks for linking up


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