My dream: a Wot so Funee? post

The end of the school year signals the arrival of the school report and an invitation for the grown-ups to enter the previously mysterious arena of the classroom. We’re super proud of GG’s report this year, so in we went, expecting to be impressed. In Key Stage 2 there is less contact between teachers and parents, and less finished work comes home in book bags for random viewing. Instead it gets logged, and displayed (this is one of the Ofsted key measurements). Creative writing has been one of GG’s major focus areas this year, and she’s really improved. So we were thrilled to read this piece of work displayed on the wall. Thrilled, and mildly amused…

My Dream

"my dream"

Now, my daughter often claims that a bad dream woke her up, when what she really means is that she can’t get to sleep for fretting about horror scenarios – house fires and Voldemort feature heavily. So I wonder if this incredible dream actually happened, or if my girl really does have an incredible imagination!

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24 thoughts on “My dream: a Wot so Funee? post”

  1. That’s brilliant, whether she did dream it or not it just shows what an amazing imagination she has. If it was a dream then maybe you should give her more cupcakes to eat 😉
    Oh, and I’m linking up for the first time, yay!

  2. Ha! This sounds like a dream I would have. I’ve been dreaming about made-to-measure curtains, cutlery and teapots recently so I can’t judge anybody! I bet it’s great in your daughter’s head; a veritable wonderland 😉 Great post xx

  3. cool dream – sounds like the weird sort of dream I would have! My kids often have nightmares which when delved into a bit more are usually about a fear of one of their toys going missing or a computer game not working. Now if my nightmares involved such things, then I would be happy about it.

  4. GG either has an amazing memory or an even more amazing imagination. Mega impressive indeed! You should get some animation software and get her to create her little stories.

  5. Ive had dreams about Voldemort. Hope that you dont have fish cakes for tea! Maybe she is just trying to let you know she doesn’t like fishcakes 🙂

  6. What an amazing imagination GG has. I love reading what GG gets up to and especially her writing – fab post – cannot wait for her to write more

  7. What a great imagination she has. Being fed fish cakes sounds like utter torture! POD just has invisible dinosaurs, crocodiles and lions in her room although I’m sure that’s a ploy to get downstairs 🙂


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