Year 5 Writing


The power of inpsiring teachers

I’m posting this image because I’m hugely self-indulgent. I’m indulging myself because this short piece of work came home with J this week as she signed off from Year 5, and I confess it caused a small tear. It caused a tear because though I’ve always known she was capable of good writing, it’s only this year that she has found within herself the motivation to actually prove it to herself.

This was written by the girl who, aged 6, in Year 2, scribbled all over her work in frustration when asked to improve on her work – because her teacher knew she could. The girl who begged to write blog posts, and then seethed as I made suggestions for revisions. The girl who described Hercules as smelly, when her teacher was looking for heroic.

It’s a short piece, and there is part of a sentence missing. But it promises me more. She brought home a huge stack of exercise books that I can’t wait to browse over the next few weeks. I know there are longer passages in there; I’m aware that she was given enormous compliments for some of them; I’ve read her school report, and it is glowing. This is a girl who has had more than her fair share of challenges this year. And yet academically it has been her best year yet.

Why? Because she has been inspired. She has been listened to, and understood; she has been given firm guidance when it was needed, but she has felt heard; she has bonded with her teachers over a love of books (although she was justly reprimanded for reading them under the table during maths). It has been a fabulous year for her confidence, for her self-esteem, and for her engagement in her education. I couldn’t have wished for more.

This girl is motivated. Thank you Mrs L. and Mrs H. She has loved you in Year 5. And so have I.

The Magic Box

I will put in the box
The laughter of a baby
A spilling ray of sunshine
A snatch of stardust.

I will put in the box
A rumble of thunder from dark skies
The white pearly tears of a mermaid
And the grey from a loss-stricken face.

I will put in the box
A rustle of silk
A sprinkle of glitter
And a happy way through life.

I will put in the box
A glimpse of hope
The melted chocolate…
A handful of light.

Can you finish the penultimate sentence, as she’s forgotten what she wrote?

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