Inspired: Snow



Well the weather outside is filthy,
Mud and slush makes us look unhealthy.
And sledges to school got stuck
So we’ll spend the whole day in muck.

Snow all spattered with vile exhaust fumes
Has a rather unpleasant perfume.
I wish it was yesterday
When my Dad stayed at home to play.

How I love when it’s fresh and new,
When the sparkle and crunch gives a thrill.
And for tea we could have fondue,
Just one last run down the hill.

Well for that we’ll all have to go skiing,
Which requires that the school allows skiving.
‘Cos snow is not cheap at half term.
Do you know what my Mum and Dad earn??

"Ski Chalet"
Ski Chalet

Let it snow.

Let it snow.

Let it snow!

"Snow Dog"


"Snow play"



"Snow Cocktail"
Snow Fun for Mummy!

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9 thoughts on “Inspired: Snow”

  1. I agree completely….. Day-after-snow is rubbish. We’ve still got lots here but it’s just not the same once it’s got foot prints all over it. And when bit of ground show through and where it’s gone black and sludgy from car tyres.
    I loved it yesterday. Today I’m quite ready for it to be all gone. X

  2. “snow fun for mummy” is about as close as I get to real snow nowadays. Sigh. And even then I don’t get enough. Amazing pics you’ve chosen by the way!!


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