Photography: 366/52 Sunday

"366 Photography"Bored with the normality of a daily photo, we have played with editing software – this week it is Photoscape – to add a bit of pizazz to our 366 photos. By way of explanation, there was a school trip, which involved a boring coach journey through London with multiple traffic hold-ups. Then some attempted blogging whilst the Bug got creative with Lego, some not so silent Sundaes, and snow – lots of it!

And that was our week!

Joining in with photography projects on Mammatography at Diary of a First Child, The Boy and Me,  and  Love All Blogs. If you want to join in you can find the badges on my 366 page, or in my sidebar.

14 thoughts on “Photography: 366/52 Sunday”

  1. I see all the links to the pics and wish I had joined in but know if I had, that I would have ditched it by now (I have a tendency to over-commit myself sometimes…). I am seriously impressed you are still in the game and I really like viewing all the photos.
    Keep em’ coming AM!

  2. Oh I don’t miss London traffic! I am envious of your snow though, my gang would have loved some snow here this weekend

  3. Love the plait pic. I think sometimes my favourite photos come from what seems like ordinary subjects. And sundaes….yum yum!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your week with us again. This is me being envious of your snow ~~~> 🙁 I just love your snowmen, all colorful and stuff! Excellent share this time around and the slideshow is a bonus.


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