How to spend £100

I’ve not been around much recently, but my mother, on seeing this particular nugget of a blog headline, decided that I would be the best candidate to answer the question. She’s probably right. You really don’t want to know what she’d spend £100 on.

But I’m going to tell you anyway, just so you know what kind of person she really is.


Every week she does a grocery shop and comes back home with £100 of yoghurt. (This may be a slight exaggeration – she does occasionally add milk, ham and juice to the fridge. Oh, and Cheerios). But our cupboards seem to groan with yoghurt. I don’t know why – most of it is out of date. Because no-one eats yoghurt in our house. And don’t get me started on the bottled stuff. I could paint my room in blueberry probiotic drinking yoghurt, the amount of it that comes through the door. And goes in the recycling 2 weeks later. I’m waiting for a horde of yoghurt-loving toddlers to turn up any day now, because she seems to be expecting them.

Anyway, that’s my mother.

Here’s what would buy with £100

  • All the crop tops in New Look. And the shoes. You can never have too many pairs of shoes.
  • 50 pairs of earrings (see above).
  • A swimming pool for my bedroom.
  • 165 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
  • Books. Imagine the luxury of £100 to blow on books, all in one go. Heaven. I wouldn’t sleep for a week.
  • Steak. You can get a 700g Chateaubriand at Gaucho for £84.95, and I reckon I could manage it all. The other £15.05 could be for chips and garlic butter. My perfect dinner.
  • In app purchases for my mermaid creation game.
  • A unicorn. What? Just because you’ve never seen one doesn’t mean they’re not available in shops.

Now, tell me that isn’t better than yoghurt.

TSB asked us to share what we’d do with £100, and to share this infographic of top 10 things that the British believe get better over time. I can tell you that yoghurt isn’t one of them. Nor is wine, if my mum has any say in the matter…

How would you spend £100?

TSB asked us how we would spend £100 because their TSB Plus Account has just turned one year old; the maximum interest you can earn in a year from the Plus Account is £100 AER (5% AER on up to £2000), so they wanted to know what we’d do with the extra money if we’d had the account from the beginning. For more information visit the TSB Bank Accounts page.

Disclosure. This post is in association with TSB. All editorial is our own.
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5 thoughts on “How to spend £100”

  1. I can’t understand why Doc Martens aren’t in that top 10 – there is no-one on the planet who wouldn’t agree they get better as they age 🙂

  2. Shoes, shoes and more shoes! I know the boys would like new games for the iPad or a new football but if I was spending it, I’d buy shoes.

    A swimming pool for your bedroom isn’t a bad idea, might use that one too!

  3. All brilliant suggestions GG – I’m so with you on the Krispy Kreme and the books, but you can keep the steak as I’m vegetarian!


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