Around Barbados on an inflatable sofa

Around Barbados on an inflatable sofa!

“Hold. On. Tight!” I managed to gasp as all the air was pushed out of my lungs, and my cheeks did an impression of the worst face-lift in history. Torn between keeping my suddenly very small-looking child safe, and preventing my own ungainly demise into the ocean, I alternated between white-knuckling the grips, and resting an ineffectual elbow across his belly.

My husband was screaming at the other end of the sofa; I could just make out the words “lunch” and “shrimp,” as I realised he was fearful for the contents of his stomach. “Mine’s halfway up my oesophagus!” shouted my seven-year-old, and credit to me, I had the parental wherewithall for a moment of pride at his vocabulary.

It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, I recited in my head. It’s only water, and we’re all in life-jackets. The memory of a waterskiing tumble that left me face-slapped and minus my bikini bottoms surfaced, and I knew it wouldn’t be. We had to hold on at all costs.

But oh, how we laughed. Shrieking, gulping great whoops of euphoria at the sheer joy of speed, and sun, and stinging water. It was terrifying, but we loved it. Climbing off, our legs were shaking, our teeth fixed in perma-grins. It was all we could do to stagger to our sunbeds and wave feebly for someone to bring us a drink.

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth paying all that money for 15 minutes on an inflatable sofa, it is. Do it. It’s the best £100 you’ll ever spend. Next time I’m totally doing this:

Inflatable sofa's, jetski's, but what is this? Barbados beaches and watersports are the best!

What even is this??!

If you ever go to Barbados, head down to the beach at Zacchios, and ask for this man (below). Kindly recommended by Tanya at Mummy Barrow (check out her Barbados posts too), Marvin took us swimming with turtles, and quite literally made our day by organising all our watersports there. The least we could do was buy him a drink, while the smiles were still on our faces!

Marvin is the man you need in Barbados. Find him at Zacchios for all your watersports activities.

Where else to go for winter sun with kids

We travelled to Barbados in March – a long way to go for a school half term holiday, but totally worth it. For more half term winter sun, take a look at these ideas:

28 thoughts on “Around Barbados on an inflatable sofa”

  1. You mad lot! But stuff of memory, they will never forget it and must think their parents rock now!

  2. I would love this. Water is my element and makes me so happy. I do have to admit though, that I’d also be temporarily scared for my stomach contents…

  3. I don’t “do” heights but I am a total adrenalin junkie, so this is right up my street. Can I go now please???

  4. That looks AMAZING!!!!! Oh I would LOVE to go to Barbados. Am hoping the husband might take me for my 40th.

  5. I LOVE the look of that sea sofa, how brilliant. And I love the look of that cocktail too! What a wonderful place, so glad you had a good break! xx

  6. That looks fab Helen my two would love it, and Jack would be desperate to do the water ski thingy how fab is that xx

  7. This sounds completely mad, but also such ridiculous fun. I know the kids would love it (and I would be screaming!!). Fab stuff

  8. FAB! We did the inflatable sofa in Rhodes last week and we all loved it – so exhilarating! Now I’m back I’m off to see exactly what you got up to in Barbados!

  9. Ah, every beach needs someone like Marvin! The inflatable sofa ride looks amazing. We’d love to try that some time. Not so sure about those turbo-powered water boots, or whatever they are! Great pics.

  10. That ‘inflatable sofa’ ride is possible one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen on anyone’s holiday snaps 🙂 It looks great fun though and much easier to stay on than a banana ride, surely? Barbados looks right up my street too.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  11. looks like a lot of fun, I’m always wary about the holiday insurance, had to really search for a company that included kayaking for my trip next week, as most only cover it if you go with an organised group with qualified instructors

  12. That sounds amazing fun, my kids would so love that. Barbados looks beautiful, it is so on my list of must places to visit #MBPW

  13. What an amazing experience and you got to keep your bikini bottoms this time! #bonus 🙂

    I have no idea what that other ‘sport’ is called, it looks like he standing on upturned tubs of Malteasers and it looks pretty scary to be honest, not sure if it’s for me. I’ll sit on the beach and take photos of you having a go.

    Thanks for linking up to #TimeTraveller that was quite a ride!


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