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I am 51 years old, I’ve been a homeowner for 26 years, and in that time I’ve switched my energy supplier just twice. Twice… I bet you’re the same – full of good intentions, well aware that you could be making a saving, but just too busy to ever get round to it. In fact, 60% of us have never switched supplier, just moving onto the standard tariff once our initial deal ends, and we’re overpaying by £200 to £300 per year!

If you ever have switched energy supplier, you’ll know that it can be a bit of a pain: you need to know how much gas you used last year, how much electricity, which of your supplier’s 731 tariffs you’re on, and the bra size of the lady next-door-but-one. Okay, I made that bit up, but my point is it can be such a faff to make the change that it’s no wonder we delay it, some of us indefinitely.

What if I told you that there’s a one-off fix for this problem that means a) you’ll never have to think about your energy tariffs again, and b) you’ll never again be overpaying for gas and electricity? Yeah, and I must have a unicorn in my back garden, right? It does sound too good to be true, but it’s actually not. Look After My Bills is a free new service from energy switching site The Big Deal. The Big Deal was established in 2014 and has grown to over 400,000 members, using collective bargaining power to negotiate exclusive deals in energy and broadband. It has saved each of its members an average of over £300 a year and a total of £15 million, switching over £120 million of custom in energy and broadband to better, cheaper deals.

There’s no catch – Look After My Bills is sustained by commission paid by suppliers for every switch, meaning it’s cost free for consumers. They also won’t switch a customer until they know they can save them at least £50 – the average is £223, with some households saving up to £600 a year! In addition, as a customer you’ll be given your own personal referral link to share with friends, which will give both you and your friend £20 for each referral.

It’s a complete no-brainer! I’ve just signed up, it took two minutes, and from now on I’ll always be on the best possible deal, without ever having to do another thing. Look After My Bills know when my current deal comes to an end, and will constantly reassess whatever deal they put me on, switching me automatically every time they see that I can make a saving. So that’s one thing on my to-do list that I can stop guiltily carrying over every single day – yes, I know you do it too!

Ah, but how ethical is it? Will I end up on some dodgy cheap tariff that leaves me without power every third Tuesday of the month? It’s a good question, but there’s a reassuring answer. Look After My Bills will only work with trustworthy suppliers committed to improving customer service, so although you may be able to scrape a cheaper deal down a backstreet alley, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible savings, from reputable suppliers, with all the hassle taken out. There’s even a green energy option you can select on signup, if you’re concerned to make sure your best deal is also forward thinking on an ecological front.

I already outsource holiday planning to my husband, who has a seemingly endless capacity for scouring websites and guidebooks; cleaning gets shared by my robot vacuum cleaner and a wonderful lady who is never allowed to retire – ever; and my 10 year old is in charge of making sure everyone finishes their vegetables. Now if I could just get someone to do my daily run for me and sweep the fridge for contraband every morning, I’d be all sorted!

This post is in association with Look After My Bills. I wasn’t asked to sign up, but like I said, once I’d seen it, it was a no-brainer!

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17 thoughts on “Home: How to Save Money on Energy Bills Forever”

    • I’ve only just signed up to a new deal, but I’ve joined Look After My Bills anyway, so I don’t have to think about it when the deal is up. So it’s worth signing up at any point really. Nothing to lose.

  1. My husband is always on the look out for a new supplier. I think it’s a good idea to always “shop around” and see what the other suppliers are offering 🙂

  2. My folks are the same and in 17 years have only changed twice! Crazy isn’t it. It’s good to compare the market and see what’s out there!

  3. I am looking forward to changing my supplier, my energy bills are way too high. I have just checked out The Big Deal website, and I am excited to see what deals they find for me x

  4. Look after my bills sounds fantastic, thats a very useful service. I just tried to swap but my supplier has tied me in and I have to pay almost as much as I save to get out of it

    • Yes I’m the same, but at least I know that when we are up for renewal, I don’t need to go through all the comparison sites as Look After My Bills will take care of it for me.

  5. This sounds good. I usually switch often but forgot last year and over spent by quite a bit. This would mean in wouldn’t forget. I’ll look at signing up


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