Gorgeous BOGS Wellies (review)

We photographed our gorgeous Bogs wellies on a fun day out with the kids

It had to happen, didn’t it? The great British Summer is not complete without at least a few days of pouring rain, and inevitably, the heavens opened on the one day we’d arranged a school meet up at the local park. These girls are off to secondary school in September, and though they’ve known each other since birth – their mothers met through the NCT – they’ve never been at the same school. So we sat in the drizzle while they and their new classmates hung out on swings with phones and did what girls do at this age. (Don’t ask me – it has something to do with the musical.ly app)!

BOGS wellies to the rescue!


Anyway, we found a puddle, which was just what we were waiting for, so we could test out our new BOGS wellies. BOGS Footwear is a boot company based in Oregon, US and is renowned for its innovative technology and original prints. They do a great range of boots for adults and children, and all kids boots are 100% waterproof, have easy pull-on handles, odour fighting technology and a non-slip outsole. Here’s what my two thought of theirs.

We really put our BOGS wellies to the test in puddles.

GG thoroughly tested out the waterproof claim with her purple boots. They have a solid foot mould, and a more flexible upper, made from a fabric similar to wetsuits. She claims her jeans got wet through this, but I suspect – as you can see – it was more to do with the enthusiasm of her splashing.
Our wellies stood up to the puddle test!

Certainly they were comfy, and stood up well to the jumping test, and both children said they felt more comfortable than their usual wellies, with a more padded and springy sole. They were also super easy to pull on, thanks to the ‘handles’ in the neoprene tops.

Handles in our wellies made them much easier to pull on
Our wellies have handles!

We also loved the colour of our wellies, and once we’d noticed that her chequered shirt made a great match, we got stuck into a proper photo shoot, with my lovely friend Steph, and her daughter who is becoming every bit as adept at photography as her mum.

BOGS have some lovely colours and designs that I wish my kids were still young enough to covet, however, they were very happy with the plainer colours – more cool factor apparently. And what did the Bug think?

Wellies in the rain

So what do we think about the rest of the summer? Will our flip-flops ever see the light of day again? Or will we be in our wellies till next year?

*Our wellies were given to us by BOGS Footwear for the purpose of review. All opinion, editorial and images are our own and may not be copied.

We tested out our new BOGS wellies on a fun photoshoot for friends.

7 thoughts on “Gorgeous BOGS Wellies (review)”

  1. We do tons of walking through (usually) muddy woods to school and these look brill AND there’s a purple flower combo in my size, result! Well…after my feet op anyway 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I like the pull-up feature – could do with that myself, as wellies are a pain to pull on and off.

  3. Ah these wellies look fab. I’ve just invested in a pair of Joules wellies for my daughter and she is obsessed with the pattern on them, bless her. I think these would be too plain for my little fashionista!


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