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This year for Christmas the Bug and I wanted to go shopping together to buy our own gifts for our family. Normally we just add our names to the gift cards our parents write, but at my school Christmas fair I had the option to make small purchases, and so I came home with gifts for M&D and my brother. Of course the Bug wanted to do similar, so yesterday Mummy took us to our local pound shop, with £1 each for each member of our family.

Leaving her at the end of an aisle so she couldn’t see our purchases, we whispered over chocolate, giggled at washing-up gloves, and fiddled with tinsel-clad ornaments, stashing items in our baskets before covertly heading for the tills. Then home for hot chocolate and Slade on the CD player whilst we wrapped our prizes to be stored under the Christmas tree until the big day.

We’re very proud of our gift choices, and it’s the first time the Bug has ever wrapped alone – there was a fair bit of patching up, and not an insignificant amount of sellotape used, but they are fully covered, and a little extra tape just secures them nicely to the kitchen floor (so we’ll know if anyone tries to sneak a peek).

Gorgeous Gifts for Girls

That said, I’m hankering after the days when I can buy something a little more Luxe, especially for my friends (and maybe a small something for myself), and I’ve been browsing the John Lewis website for lovely gifts for girls. John Lewis is good for pretty much everything, and their prices are usually as good as you’d find elsewhere. But I’m especially taken with this page of gorgeous things from Radley:

Classy but colourful, reassuringly more expensive than the pound shop, but still very affordable, I love their little scottie dog motifs, and I think I would rock those wellies! Some of these gifts are already in the sale, so if you’re doing some last-minute shopping you may be able to grab a bargain.

I’m hoping that my Mum loves her £1 gift, but next year I’m totally saving up for a new Radley purse for her – after all, a credit card needs looking after, doesn’t it? 😉

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23 thoughts on “Gifts for girls”

  1. I was in John Lewis earlier today! You’re right, their prices are pretty competitive, and the own-brand stuff’s lovely. I bought a pirate ship for little Gwen (sshh – don’t tell!)

  2. I love Radley, I do need to extend my ownership from purses and bags to their other items *adds items to my Christmas list*

  3. Lovely post and what a fabulous collection of gifts – Radley is a great brand. Fabulous wellies and POD would love that little rucksack too. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas xxx


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