Family Frolics: remembering an amazing mother

I’ve had a good cry today. I knew when I woke up this morning that today would see a lot of sadness, and a lot of bloggers remembering Kerry Farrow – Multiple Mummy, who died a year ago today. The tears have come from watching this video posted by Kerry’s husband. But as well as sadness for her loss, I’ve been moved by what a happy, lovely family she left behind, by how well her children are growing up surrounded by her family, and most of all, her incredible husband.

Kerry was the sort of Mum most of us aspire to be more like. She relished family life, and was quite simply, a beautiful person. If you’d like to find out more about Kerry, what happened, and her legacy, you can visit her family’s Just Giving page, but for today I’m posting a photo of my family having fun together – which is just as Kerry would have wanted. Other families are joining in here.

2013-12-14 Cinderella 001

Life is so busy, work, family, friends, household chores – I rarely take time for myself, and it affects my health. I wonder how it is affecting my children when I go through phases of not having time to spend just being with them, getting to know them, understanding them. Kerry would have urged us to spend more time just being with our children. So I’m resolved that, from time to time, I won’t be there, with everyone else, because I need to be here, with them.

Kerry was one half of the Science Sparks website, where children learn about science through fun crafts and experiments. Science Sparks is currently selling an e-book of lovely Christmas activities for children, the proceeds of which will go to Addenbrooke’s in her memory. Click the image if you’d like to take a look:


12 thoughts on “Family Frolics: remembering an amazing mother”

  1. Lovely post Helen. Made me weep a little. You have a beautiful family and it is lovely to see Kerry’s children doing so well though I imagine this Xmas will be another tough one 🙁

  2. Lovely tribute. I watched the video and it made me really think about how much we should cherish every day with our loved ones. xxx

  3. This is a fantastic post Helen. Kerry truly was an amazing person – having so much time for her family, whilst also being a fantastic friend. x

  4. lovely post Helen, I think we are all guilty of being too busy with other things that we forget to spend that time … I know I am guilty x

  5. A great tribute to a great woman. I’m the same as you in that there are time when work keeps me so busy, it stops me spending time with my children and it can be horrid. I love nothing more than rushing home from work to see them, to play with them, to read them a bedtime story and to tuck them into bed with a goodnight kiss


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