Fantastic family holiday ideas for 2023: Where to travel with teens

Family holidays take on a whole new spin when you have teenagers. Entertaining small children is a totally different ball game from organising a trip that teens will love. Travelling with children of any age can be incredible, but there’s something special about planning a holiday with older kids who are enthusiastic about exploring the world and keen to enjoy adventures and make memories. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next jaunt, here are some top tips for 2023. 

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Fantastic family holiday ideas for 2023: Where to travel with teens

City breaks

City breaks are not usually the first type of trip that comes to mind when floating ideas for a family holiday, but they are often a brilliant choice for families with older children. Visiting cities offers a diverse range of experiences and the opportunity to try a range of activities, see the sights and explore different cultures. There’s no risk of getting bored when you’re surrounded by museums, galleries, attractions, landmarks and bustling restaurants, shops and squares.

There’s a huge range of cities to choose from that are easily accessible. When considering destinations, think about travel time, budget and what you want to do when you arrive. For art, history and music, why not visit Paris, Rome, Madrid, Vienna or Prague? For live sport and amazing architecture, consider Barcelona, Milan or Porto. To combine sightseeing with days at the beach, take a trip to Valencia, Lisbon, Dubrovnik or Valletta. For stunning scenery, book flights to Venice or travel to Ljubljana or Reykjavik. For hustle and bustle and endless attractions, New York is a brilliant choice. 

If you’re planning a city break with teens, it’s always wise to draft an itinerary. Research public transport, figure out where you’re going on which days and investigate booking tickets and travel cards online to save time and money. Check opening times for museums and other attractions and ask friends for recommendations. It’s a good idea to read reviews before booking hotels, excursions and restaurants. 

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Action and adventure

If you love the great outdoors, or you’re looking for a break from resort holidays in the sunshine, why not opt for an action-packed adventure? From ski holidays and outdoor pursuits to cycling holidays, there’s something for everyone. Countries like Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada, Austria and Switzerland are ideal locations for exploring national parks, trying new activities and taking in spectacular views. Go snowmobiling or hiking on a glacier in Iceland or book white water rafting, caving or kayaking in Australia or Canada. Hike in national parks in America or go whale watching and rock climbing in New Zealand. 

If you’re interested in skiing or you’re thinking about organising an activity break, it’s beneficial to research destinations, check the conditions and seasons and get some quotes before booking. Some locations are suited to year-round travel but you may need to think carefully about when you visit if you have specific activities in mind. In New Zealand, for example, you can ski and snowboard in the winter and hike, cycle, swim and kayak in the summer. You can also enjoy activities like stargazing, whale watching and enjoying the natural thermal springs and pools all year round. 

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Beach holidays

Beach holidays are a popular choice for families with children of all ages. For many of us, nothing beats spending a week or two catching rays and relaxing on the beach or by the pool. If you have teenage kids, you can modify your plans and add activities and excursions depending on how active they are and how much they enjoy lying in the sun doing nothing. If your teens like to explore, or they want to mix sunbathing with more active pursuits, look for resorts close to towns and cities, plan tours such as boat trips and buggy or Jeep safaris and choose hotels that offer activities like water sports, golf and tennis. If you have easy access to boat trips, surfing lessons, outdoor sports and cultural activities, you can plan a fun itinerary that suits everyone. 

If you’re eager to jet off and enjoy the sunshine this year, think about how far you want to travel and how you want to spend your time. Long-haul destinations, such as the Caribbean, Dubai, Australia and Mauritius tend to be more expensive and flight times are much longer, but you may be willing to pay more for luxury resorts, all-inclusive breaks or stunning beaches. If you don’t want to travel too far or spend too much, it’s worth looking for offers in Turkey, Greece, the Balearics and Canary Islands, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. Always compare prices online and try to take advantage of sales and offers. If you’re flexible on dates and times, you may be able to save. All-inclusive breaks often offer much better value for money when travelling with teens and young children.

Check the weather before you book. If you’re looking for a beach holiday during the school summer break, for example, you may prefer to opt for short-haul rather than travelling to the Caribbean during hurricane season. 

Bucket list breaks

Studies show that there has been an increase in bookings for bucket list destinations and once-in-a-lifetime trips since the pandemic. As your kids get older, you may be more inclined to think about travelling further or planning a special holiday. Examples include seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, Canada, Sweden or Finland, travelling around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, seeing incredible natural wonders like Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains or Yosemite National park, going on an epic road trip and going on safari. For multi-destination trips, it’s advantageous to research round-the-world tickets as they often offer better value than buying single flights. You can choose to plan your own trip, join organised tours or customise your itinerary with the help of a travel agency. 

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Travelling with your family is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but choosing a location and planning an itinerary can be stressful. If you have teenage children and you’re looking for ideas for 2023, hopefully, this guide has given you inspiration. From beach holidays and city breaks to action-packed outdoor adventures and bucket list destinations, there’s something to suit every family.

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