Wot So Funee? The Family Chortlequaffer

Wot So Funee?

We’re not big milk drinkers in our house. Mummy says she tickled my ear and sat through endless Baby Einstein recordings in her efforts to make me drink just one more ounce from my baby bottle. The Bug was worse – his dairy intolerance led to him being prescribed a dreadful chemical concoction smelling more like blue cheese than the sweet milk of a baby.

Consequently we lost the milk habit very young, and our calcium these days is more likely to come from cheese, broccoli, and dried apricots (did you know, 3 dried apricots contain as much calcium as a pot of yoghurt?) than the white stuff purported to be essential to growing children.

However, we are suckers for pink milk (as Lola would say) or milk disguised as chocolate, hot or cold, we don’t mind. And we’re pretty keen on games and nonsense of all kinds, so when Cravendale sent us some Epic Straws we were well up for the challenge. Check out our Family Chortlequaffer…

You can get  your free #Epicstraws by saving up codes from promotion packs of Cravendale Milk. Just remember when sharing a straw, suck – don’t blow!

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13 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? The Family Chortlequaffer”

  1. I love this vid! I am going to have to live vicariously through you, as I am way too cheap to buy Cravendale.

  2. We got sent an Epic Straw too – oooh the mess we have made! I won a years supply of Cravendale too, so I’m on a code collecting frenzy!


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