Face Britain Kids self-portraits on Buckingham Palace

Friday night saw us making a sudden dash to London to visit Buckingham Palace. Last-minute news told us that Face Britain were staging a 3-nights-only light show projection onto the facade of Buckingham Palace. Why the need to rush down there? Well, a while ago, our class made self-portraits for the Face Britain Kids website, and last weekend all 200,000 of those portraits were pixellated into an image of the Queen, and projected onto Buckingham Palace!

Face Britain portraits on Buckingham Palace

See all the self-portraits zooming into the Queen’s picture? We stood for a good while watching for my picture, but with so many it was probably going to take all night – not something which Mummy was up for! But it was an incredible spectacle nevertheless, with impressive moving backdrops and featured images on each wing of the palace.

And I know that the Queen was peeking from one of those little upstairs windows; well, we all need something to help the time pass when there’s nothing on the telly, don’t we?

You can find out more about Face Britain by clicking on the link.

3 thoughts on “Face Britain Kids self-portraits on Buckingham Palace”

  1. So cool and what an innovative way to celebrate her birthday and upcoming Diamond Jubilee! I, personally, think the Queen is quite something.


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