Expressions: Bored

Bored15 minutes is a long time to wait when you’re 6. Even if you do have a comfy bench all to yourself. We were waiting for my sister’s Stagecoach performance. Man they took a long time to get ready.



Still waiting. Wonder if I’ll get the loan of an iPhone if I act it really well?

BoredWill you stop already with the photos?

BoredOh alright then, here’s a smile. Make the most of it – it’s all you’re getting.

24 thoughts on “Expressions: Bored”

  1. You’ve captured not just the face but body expressions of when kids are bored! Lovely shots and great final smile.

  2. hee hee i love his whole stance, how he is holding his face in his hands and his eyes say so much even before you see his mouth.
    you can see what a cheeky boy he is!!
    gorgeous x

  3. Love all his expressiones! I love that our face for the most part can say so much. Sometimes we don’t want to talk but our faces can do it for us. Expressions are great.


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