Expressions #15: Mischievous


Every time I see a picture of this boy I’m struck by what a character he is. Often intensely shy when I’ve met him face-to-face, his personality just sings in the photos I see of him on Annie’s blog. So I was delighted, when I sifted through the pictures I took on our meet-up at Hitchin Lavender, to find that I had one of my own. He and his sister, both trying desperately to escape from their mother’s camera, and mine; he couldn’t quite quell that fizz of mischief that is his very own brand of fun. He’s a total dude.


14 thoughts on “Expressions #15: Mischievous”

  1. Caught in the act, Oz decided that the cheeky face would get him out of trouble – as it usually did!

    Got to say i love that face too – he is such a character, bit like his mummy!

  2. Oh my that face! I get that in my face every morning about 6am – not so cute then!

    I’ll be joining in later this evening when the beasts are in bed *counts down minutes*

    Long day! xxx

  3. That is a great face caught in full mischief mode. Mine often stick their tongues out when concentrating hard and increasingly if they don’t want their photos taken!

  4. Love that face, such a brilliant capture Helen! Was such a fabulous place too. Will finally have my post up on Monday. Hope you’re having a great weekend x


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