Hitchin Lavender Farm #HDYGG

Swathes of gorgeous purple at Hitchin Lavender Farm


By GG…

Now, anyone will tell you that we are not gardeners in our family. Daddy occasionally plants a vegetable and then hapazardly sprays the hose in its general direction on random days, wondering why our table is not resplendent with home-grown produce at the end of the season. Mummy limits her gardening activity to spraying the patio with weedkiller, and hacking the shrubs into submission twice a year. No, we do not DO gardening. Unless you count the #warnonants that takes place every Sunday evening, which leaves our lawn looking more like a green dalmation. So we never join in with How Does Your Garden Grow? at Manneskjur.

A morning at Hitchin Lavender

But ever since she completed Steph’s photography course, Mummy has been rather keen on her camera. And when she gets something she likes, it gets an airing. Hence a small selection (and I do mean small!) of the views at Hitchin Lavender Farm on the day she visited with Annie and a small group of local bloggers.

Bees and butterflies at Hitchin Lavender Farm

The smell was heavenly – it’s a wonder she managed to drive home afterwards, knowing the sleepy effect of lavender! The lavender fudge she brought home by way of apology for visiting when I was cooped up in maths lesssons gave me a whiff of drowsy gorgeousness that would have had me dozing, were it not for the sugar fix.

Stables at Hitchin Lavender Farm

It wasn’t all about the purple haze though. A suspicious horse sniffed and fled to the back of his stable when she pointed the camera lens at him. I sympathised, knowing the feeling…

Poppies at Hitchin Lavender Farm

My brother and I are fond of pointing out the poppy fields of July as we drive past them. Did you know that lavender comes in white, as well as purple? Red, white and blue in the fields of Hitchin Lavender Farm.

And in tribute to the lady herself, some shots of Annie and her lovely children:

Hitchin Lavender Farm with Annie from Manneskjur

It was a gentle, relaxing day with friends.

For more information about visiting Hitchin Lavender, where for ยฃ4 you can cut and keep a bag full of the heavenly stuff, visit their website. You can find more reviews of our day in the lavender fields on the following blogs:

19 thoughts on “Hitchin Lavender Farm #HDYGG”

  1. What a nice place, it looks so serene. Lavender is my favourite flower, thanks for the tip, will be visiting Hitchin when the sun decides to come back.

  2. I wish I’d been able to make it to this meetup, looks like a really beautiful place. I went to a lavender farm last weekend and spent the whole afternoon fighting my eyelids! Very relaxing.

  3. This is so gorgeous, Helen! I’ve been meaning to come have a browse here for so long, such a shame I’m so disorganized and scatty, I barely manage half the plans I make ๐Ÿ™‚ . You have some fab stuff on here..off to read more ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Ahhhhhh lovely lovely lovely! I wish we could do it again tomorrow. And there was you saying you don’t really take photos of flowers…. Gorgeous shots the lot of them.
    And thanks for the Meet Ups shout out too – you are good, I’m going to have to start paying you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for joining in! x

  5. Awww so nice to see Annie even if she is hiding behind her lens! That looks like it was such a lovely day out. One day, I would love to make a meet up…

  6. You have the most interesting subjects! Not your usual lavender fields angle. I wish I can attend one of the meet ups but I am too far but I am looking forward to seeing post about them =) #hdygg

    • Honestly Catherine it was heavenly from the minute we left the car – goodness knows how the staff there stay awake!


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