Expressions #14: Extreme thrills on the Flowrider!

The happiest girl in the world on the Flowrider!


Just look at that happy face. She’s a thrillseeker, my daughter. She does have a safety gene that kicks in occasionally, but if an instructor tells her what to do and says it will probably be fine, she is first in line to give it a go. I love that about her.

Actually Daddy works on the Marketing team at Thorpe Park, and had been considering installing a Flowrider continuous surfing wave at the park, so he booked us all in to check it out. Immediately we arrived, I knew that myself and the Bug would be sitting it out with a milkshake, but there was absolutely no stopping this girl or her Dad. They embrace life and everything it has to offer them.

My two thrillseekers on the Flowrider

Over the course of the next hour the two of them – along with 6 other thrillseekers – listened to their instructor before hurling themlseves into the water. Gradually they learned to let go of the board, flip, and eventually to kneel as they rode the wave.  By the end of the lesson, Jason was brave enough to attempt a standing surf.

Getting a surfing lesson from the Flowrider instructors


My thrillseekers.

My thrillseekers loved the Flowrider!Watch this short and very fast video to see how Actually Daddy fared:



30 thoughts on “Expressions #14: Extreme thrills on the Flowrider!”

  1. Those are some great photos, I love the expressions and it certainly looks like fun. R went on one of those once and loved it, but I don’t think I would want to do it.

  2. That looks like so much fun! We just watched the short documentary about Action Park. Looks like fun, but I would be more comfortable letting the kids have a go on the Flowrider with instructors!

  3. Love these! Your kids always to look to be having the best fun!

    And Actually Daddy in a wetsuit? I thank you 🙂

  4. Brilliant! Your little one reminds me so much of my daughter. She and her father are the danger mouses of the family. My son and I prefer the safe life! 😀

    • I’m totally putting it on mine. GG is having a day out with her dad in the summer and she’s already trying to convince him to take her on a busman’s holiday to Thorpe Park so she can do it again!

  5. Wow this looks like so much fun! Iove the excitement on their faces, beautiful. All linked up x

  6. That looks awesome – I would be like a giraffe on ice though, totally unstable on attempting to stay upright on water… I do make a good spectator though! 🙂 They all look like they had fun!x

  7. She looks like she’s having so much fun! A thrillseeker for a child is a tough job (trust me!) But it’s amazing watching them explore the boundaries of their bravery – well done little one – skeleton bob next!

    • I know, it does worry me, but she has a safety catch in there too so I’m going to tough it out and let her discover for herself. If I can hold my nerve!

  8. Actually Daddy does great – it’s really hard to do!!

    This is so much fun, we all got on this weekend and I’m so pleased we did (I was tempted to sit on sidelines) it was a pure hour of smiles and giggles.


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