"eskimos rub noses"

When I was little, one of my first words was “tiss.” Apparently. Personally I can’t quite believe I was ever unable to utter anything less than a perfect articulation/dissemination/elucidation (see, told ya – eloquent). But Mummy, with her wont for recording cutisms from my past, insists it is so.

So we kissed. And then we rubbed noses. Along with those daft games all mothers insist on playing with their babies, we rubbed noses:

What do fish do? “Pwah pwah pwah…”

What do piggies do? “An approximation of a chesty old chain-smoker…”

What do Eskimos do? “Rub noses…”

To this day, I don’t know if this is true, but it is a memory from my babyhood, and the Bug’s. And lucky it is too, as we pimped ourselves up for #TeamHonk and Red Nose Day 😉

"red nose day"

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