Dancing without stabilisers

By GG and the Bug… 


Shhh! More exciting news on the wedding anniversary party. Don’t tell Mummy I’ve hijacked her computer. It’s supposed to be a secret. Remember how we told you that M&D wanted to do a few things differently to their wedding 13 years ago? Well one of those things happens on the dance floor. Last time there had been far too much wine to afford anything more than a shuffle during their first dance. In fact, as Mummy tells it, Daddy used her to help him remain on his feet for the whole of Shania Twain’s You’re still the one…

I doubt being sober would have made much difference though. I can personally vouch for the sore toes that result from a dance with my Dad. He’s not precious about it. For his whole life he’s been told he can’t sing (that bit is still true), and that he has 2 left feet. He has an aunt who is a dance teacher. I think even she would say there is not a chance of him ever being able to dance.

Last week, after some confidence coaching from relationship expert Matthew Hussey, they decided they needed a “hobby.” Something to get them out of the house enjoying time together in pursuit of something other than the humdrum aspects of running a family. Daddy decided on dancing.

Let’s allow that to sink in for a moment shall we?

Not only dancing, but the holy grail of all dancing – salsa dancing. Terrified, Mummy picked up the phone to Ben, of Salsa Machine.

“Uhm, we’re a bit rubbish. Well, a lot rubbish actually. In fact we’re a joke…”

Ben wasn’t having any of it, and 3 hours later they were in a private dance lesson. Whether he was alarmed at the sight of their first steps is for him alone to know – he unfailingly gave the impression that M&D would be able to dance. I’m not going to lie: it was intense. Three lessons a week for 3 weeks, practice every night in the kitchen, but he finally declared them salsa dancers on Wednesday evening.

Tonight there will be none of that slow-dance schmaltz. There will probably be the odd mistake, but tonight Daddy dances. Wish him luck, and send plasters for Mummy’s toes. Let’s just hope the dancing has improved more than the singing…

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  1. Looking forward to the singing video and hope you’ve all had a wonderful time. The more I read, the more gutted I am not to have been able to make it! xx


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