Beautiful artwork and personalised cards at a sensible price

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Personalised invitations with your own designs

On Monday I shared the very exciting news with you that Mum and Dad are getting married. Again. It has been 13 years since they married, and whilst they had a fabulous day, with good friends and family, there are now other people in our lives who we didn’t know then, and we want to celebrate with them too.

A large part of these new additions to our social circle has been afforded purely by the arrival of moi. Well, moi and mon cute petit frère. From ante-natal coffee-mates, to a select number of mothers trusted to walk us home and feed us pizza; from the PTA wine drinkers organisers, to the football field mums willing to share a square of picnic blanket and a digestive, there are literally dozens of new women in my Mum’s life.

Some of these people have become best friends, the kind you give too much information after only a cup of tea; some are trusted carers for the Bug and I, when my parents can’t make it at pick-up time. Some are merely an understanding nod as one of us tantrums into the playground on a bad morning. Over time, fathers have become involved too, and M&D’s dinner party guest list is almost as long as it once was in the hedonistic days before my arrival (though what on earth they all talked about back then is unfathomable)!

As I see it, us kids have gifted our parents with a whole new social life! And so it is only right and proper that we have our say in their anniversary plans. With that in mind we did 2 things:

  1. We created our own guest list of best friends. This time there will be children at their celebration. Being generous and thoughtful kids, we invited their parents too 😉
  2. We designed personalised cards for M&D’s invites, in our own words, to make it clear that we are definitely playing a pivotal role here!

Personalised invites - say whatever you want in any design you choose!

Aren’t these cool? These are postcard-style invites from Lionheart Stationers, who also do the classic folded card. A glance at their website will show you exactly what a personal experience you are in for, with their quirky hand-illustrated designs available for you to personalise with your own words, or a fully bespoke illustration fit to your needs. They have a blog showing exactly how their cards are created, and it’s a lovely story.

Lionheart are a small family run business with designs for all occasions, and every age. Everything they do is hand illustrated and printed on recycled paper in their home studio in London. As well as every event you could imagine pre-designed for you to choose from, they also offer the possibility of bespoke artworks commissioned by you.

The fact that their gorgeous designs are so different from the mass-produced options doesn’t mean a high price either, with a pack of 8 postcards with envelopes, costing £4.55, so these are an ideal choice for something a little bit different on your family Christmas cards.

What I like so much is the complete freedom to create your own ‘story’ on these cards, rather than simply edit in your details to a pre-formatted text. You could even get the children to write their own words and send over a scanned image for Lionheart to insert as the text. So I’m thinking along these lines for our Christmas greeting:

Jingle bells, Daddy smells… 😉

What? It’s my favourite festive ditty!

Disclosure: Lionheart Stationers designed our invites free of charge. They were a delight to deal with, and even helped us be inspired on our design.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful artwork and personalised cards at a sensible price”

  1. These are SUPER cool! 🙂
    Congratulations by the way. Lovely news! x

    P.S. We have a similar xmas rhyme…
    Jingle Bells, Daddy smells,
    He does farts all day…
    What a hum, comes out his bum
    It makes me run away!

  2. Congratulations!!

    To many, many more happy years – you all look wonderful in the pics, love the colours!

    Hope it was a wonderful day! xx


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