Children reading 2:52


My favourite photo this week is an appalling shot really, but it is here not for its artistic merit, but for what it says to me. After Daddy does the bath Mummy comes up to read a bedtime story. However on this particular evening she was busy getting some or other adult-type dish into the oven. Curry, no doubt, or something else I would refuse to eat.
She yelled up to ask if I would listen to the Bug read his schoolbook while we waited. She came up 10 minutes later to find us snuggled together in my den.
“It’s ok Mummy,” I told her. “He read to me, then I read Zog to him. We’re ready for bed now…”

A rare moment of sibling harmony… What better reason to publish a technically inferior image?

28 thoughts on “Children reading 2:52”

  1. The picture captures the magic perfectly!
    I love the style of your blog from your daughter’s viewpoint, very interesting! I have a baby girl so I’ll be reading your blog regularly.
    Lydia x

  2. Gorgeous. At the moment my two just try to bop each other over the head with their books, but there’s still time yet!

  3. we love Zog here its a great story and you are a lovely sister to read to your brother. and lets be honest, mummy was on the frozen wine again wasnt she??? x

  4. My poor son has to read to his youngest sister since I got this stupid cough.You ought to have a go at taking next week’s photo for mummy and give her some pointers 😉

  5. I completely agree with you. Yes it’s nice to show off the great shots, but likewise project 365 is about capturing the little moments that make our families function the way they do.

    Thanks for linking up


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