Ok, ok, I know this one has been done to death, but a Twitter interaction last night has caused me some angst, and I want to do one last post, to set the record straight, to reassure some people, or just to dispel the attitude once and for all that bloggers who do regular product reviews are somehow the cockroaches of the blogging world.

What are blaggers?

A lot has been said about bloggers who approach PR’s for free product, in return for a review on their site. They have been labelled ‘blaggers.’ The Oxford Online Dictionary defines blagging as obtaining something by deception or guile. I take issue with those using the term to judge other bloggers, for the following reasons:

  1. Bloggers do not usually deceive PR’s. They may ask for free product to review, but PR’s do not have to oblige.
  2. PR’s know what they are doing when they offer a product for review. They have been in the game a while, and they know the deal.
  3. Bloggers offer the PR something in exchange – a window to their readership, free marketing. There is no deception here.
  4. Those who review are usually open and honest about their motives. There is no guile here.
  5. PR’s are grown-ups. They can say no. They are not naive.

Finally, before I hit publish on an angry post, I want to point out that I rarely do reviews. (Update Aug 2013, I do a few these days but the following statements still stand).  If approached by a product ambassador for something which I can personally experience and talk about (remember here that I am 7, my brother is 4 – vouchers for discount bars are not really up our street, and yes, we have been offered those), I will write an honest opinion and state that my post is sponsored. If I did do a lot of reviews, I would be a review blogger, and not a blog cockroach. And provided I did that honestly, there would be nothing to criticise me for.

Please stop using this stupid word to denigrate other bloggers. It is not nice, it is not fair, and it is not accurate. #TheEnd

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