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Over on Kate Takes 5 there is a Listography take on the year-end blog round-up post, and having seen in the New Year  for my first time ever last night (yes, I made it to midnight, and could have continued if M&D were not such lightweights) I am a little too tired to write much today. So here is my year in pictures:

"Bluebells"This took place in April in the beautiful bluebell woods of Ringshall. It is my top picture for a number of reasons, most notably that moments like this do not happen often between the Bug and me, and Mummy was lucky to to be snapping at that instant. It won her £100 too!

"School Shoes"
First day at school

Continuing with the theme is this close-up of our brand new school shoes on the Bug’s first day at school. I was super-proud as I waved him off at his classroom door. I still do a little squee and break the line to give him a hug if I ever see him in the dinner queue. And I am developing quite a following of admirers amongst his little friends, which is interesting…

"Cycling without stabilisers"
Ditching the stabilisers

August saw me on holiday in Guernsey, where I was forced to accept that the stabilisers were coming off my bike. Never one to persevere with learning a task that can’t be mastered in 3 minutes flat, I wasn’t optimistic. So my joy at moving to 2 wheels was immense. So is the memory of the vast quantity of fruit pastilles that made it all possible 😉

Also making it into my top 5 is this picture of me at Buckingham palace on my annual girls only day out with Mummy. The royal icon was on my list of sites to see after I watched the Royal wedding and fancied myself as a princess. Can you perhaps imagine what was going through my mind as I gazed at that balcony?

"Visit to Buckingham Palace"
A Princess at the Palace

And finally, we made this:

"Chocolate biscuit cake"
Chocolate biscuit cake

This is the most gorgeous cake ever invented. Not only can it be made almost entirely without adult input, it also takes whatever you can throw at it in the way of embellishments. Marshmallow, nuts, biscuits, cherries – you name it, it improves it. When I finally get around to posting the recipe I may even have added the new edible glitter Granny got me for Christmas – I bet that cake looks good in pink!

Actually Mummy a Blog for Christmas BadgeBefore I leave you to consider your own top photos of the year I have my final blog recommendation of 2011 for your perusal. On the 31st Day of Chrismas Mummy chose The Crazy Kitchen as her final blog read of the year. Apparently the lady likes Gin in a tin, which makes her a new favourite of Mummy’s! (She has a nice blog too) 😀

Happy 2012 everyone!

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Photos of 2011”

  1. thanks for the mention, it’s made my year!!

    Look forward to seeing the recipe with the glitter in…might give them a go…nothing better than cakes with glitter…….except maybe gin in a tin!

  2. I distinctly remembered your school shoes when I saw them & even remember chatting to Mummy about them. K’Boo started school in September, so it was a big moment for us buying school shoes this year also. I love all of the pictures and look forward to seeing more. Tell Mummy @TheBoyandMe is doing a linky for weekly photo fave’s on the 366 theme on her blog 😮

  3. Ah yes THAT chocolate biscuit cake…the one you have been promising to write the recipe up for for months! New Year Resolution maybe 😉

  4. It’s interesting that you picked photos where no one’s face is showing. Thanks for sharing! It looks like you had a fun year. Happy 2012!

  5. Beautiful photos especially the first one, it is brilliant! I love the fact that your photos are all a bit different! Lovely!


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