A Series of Firsts

Well I am at it again, having been tagged by lovely newer bloggers My Rusty Halos and Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford to write up my series of firsts, or my first time at various set episodes in my life. I’m not really one for responding to tags, as I mentioned in my Blogger’s Dozen yesterday, but I couldn’t resist the cheeky answers which began to creep into my 7 year old head as I read the questions:

First Boyfriend: *Jonas. He was in my Reception class at school. He can skip better than any of the girls, and he has more Moshi Monster figures than all of us put together. What’s not to like? Although rumour has it that he has a girlfriend list of 12 of my friends, in order of which one he is going to marry. I once ranked at number 3 but I suspect my antics since then have seen me slide further down the list.

First Person I kissed: Not Jonas, actually….. *Leo, at the top of a slide, at the first school-related birthday party. I kissed Jonas later at the same party. Mummy cringed in self-recognition and shame at her own past. Unless you count Mummy, obviously she was the first!

First Job: Legally I am not yet old enough to be in paid employment. However I do get 50p from Daddy on occasion for helping to load the dishwasher. I never help Mummy, she only pays 10p – isn’t there a law against child labour in sweat-shops like our kitchen?

First Pay Packet? What did you do with it? That 50p always goes in my piggy bank until I have enough to request a trip to Hamleys. Which isn’t very often!

First CD you remember buying? Haven’t bought one yet. Still satisfied with the mix-CD’s Daddy makes me of young feisty girl singers. Why does he have so much Katy Perry and Rihanna on his iTunes list?

First Holiday abroad? Portugal. Praia da Luz 🙁

What age were you when you moved out of your parents home? I suspect the answer to this may well be 7, unless they stop asking me to go to bed at such ridiculous times!

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I am now tagging My Funny Mummy, because she is lovely and wants to be tagged – she will learn!

8 thoughts on “A Series of Firsts”

  1. Funny girl! Moving out at 7 seems a bit extreme. Perhaps just ask mummy and daddy to move out. Much better in the long run financially.

  2. Bahaha! This is a classic. Moving out at 7… I bet they think about it sometimes considering the atrocious demands we make of them, like early bed times and eating vegetables. Intolerable!

  3. Ha ha ha – Brilliant. Who does this Jonas guy think he is. Junior schools answer to Brad Pitt. Ditch him honey. If you are only ranked at number 3 (ignore the stats!) then forget him. Jonas is a silly name anyway!


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