Style: A Swimsuit I’m Happy to Show Off in

Right. Today, I am going to be a swimsuit model. I recently did a “I’m 50 and I  don’t care who knows it, look – I can still look good in cool clothes makeover post,” and people were very nice about it. So I thought I’d dabble in a few more fashion blogger-style posts, and have jumped right in at the deep end, quite literally, with a swimsuit. No, I haven’t dropped 2 sizes and had a boob job (although if you’d like to comment along those lines I won’t complain). Nor have I taken leave of my senses. I have simply found an awesome swimsuit, and I thought I’d show you.

It did take me a while to get my confidence up. It’s a long time since I’ve been photographed in swimwear, and I’ve been taking advantage of the inclement weather to avoid stripping off in the garden. But this afternoon the sun came out briefly, and I knew it was then or never. Plus, my daughter has a rather lovely friend over, who was very complimentary, and said I actually looked quite good. (She may have mumbled “For a mum” when my back was turned, but I didn’t hear it).

So, first I hid. You know, like you do on that first morning on the beach. Then, someone poured me a drink – like they do on beaches. And I totally made the decision to rock it.

I told you it was gorgeous.

Next, I went all glamour on the French Riviera and decided I could be 28 with the best of them. Well, why wouldn’t you? What I love most about the Sunseeker Ombre Twist swimsuit from Simply Be is the colour, obviously. However, the best thing about it is the really clever ruching you don’t think about, but that makes ALL the difference when it comes to flattery. The shading and crinkles across the belly are in just the right places to draw attention away from any bits you’re not so fond of, and the twist on the front makes your boobs look much more like you imagine them to be in your rock star dreams.

What’s even better is that the swimsuit comes in sizes from 12 to 22, and up to an F cup, with proper, adjustable bra support, that squishes everything into a much better place! It’s not like one of those military exercises though – you know the ones where once you’re in it you’re never going to get out again? The fabric is super stretchy, even while it’s clingy, so it’s also really comfortable. I got the floppy hat at Simply Be too, as well as the kimono-style cover up, and I think they’re going to be really useful when I’m in Cambodia. I’ll definitely need the shade of a big hat when I’m visiting the sights in midday heat; and I figure the cover up will be really handy to pop in my bag in case I need to cover my shoulders quickly for a temple visit.

Simply Be have a huge range of really glam, flattering swimwear – I even think I might be brave enough for one of their bikinis as they look structured enough to do all the right things, but still really pretty.

I think I may have already lost my hat though…

If you're like me, and you've spent a lot of time covering up on a beach because your body is older, and less twenty-something than it used to be, you might like this. This is a swimsuit that I really don't mind showing off in. Click through to find out where I got it

12 thoughts on “Style: A Swimsuit I’m Happy to Show Off in”

  1. Well done you not that you had anything to worry about with your gorgeous figure that most of us can only dream of and look at those legs! I do like the swimsuit and can see it would be flattering even on those of us who need it far more than you do. Love the hat and your girl is growing up so fast!

  2. Gorgeous! You look amazing! I love the cross over detail across the bust, it is super flattering and that colour is lovely!

  3. A really beautiful swimsuit and you look incredible in it! I hope you get to enjoy many sunny days this summer so you can wear it a lot.


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