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This post is for Cass from Frugal Family who posted with her lovely comment.

Dear GG, my little girl is 11 and she is sooooo messy. Her bedroom is always a mess and I’m always having to tell her to tidy up so I wanted to ask you if your bedroom was tidy x

So, I’m going to give you a list of tips for keeping your bedroom tidy as I had a massive clear out the other weekend. Usually my bedroom is a mess but I have lots of tips!

5 tips for keeping your bedroom tidy:

  1. Always keep your books in alphabetical order. It never stays that way but still…
  2. Try and keep your all your nail polish in the drawers at all times. I smashed a bottle of red nail polish on the white carpet last week. Mum screamed and I screamed and Dad screamed and… Well, you get the idea. (By the way, Rug Doctor does not remove all stains).
  3. Leave the window open. I have a feeling that when I’m away the cleaning pixie will come in and clean up my room. It has never happened yet but I believe it is still possible. 5 tips for keeping your bedroom tidy: don't leave it to the cleaning pixies..!
  4. Parents, check on your kids room every nanosecond to see if they have kept it tidy. Actually, It’s just easier to stay in their room.
  5. Put every thing away as soon as you finish with it. My mum went  to Specsavers and today the thought she had lost the vegetable knife. It was in its usual place, so I said she should have gone to Specsavers. Thing is, she’s already been to Specsavers. As we speak my mum is worrying about where the butter is…

Er, um I do have lots of tips but the fluster of writing it on a Tuesday is making me forget things. Now there’s a tip – plan ahead and don’t leave everything to the last-minute. That’s how things get messy!

  • Fold everything.
  • Keep everything colour coded
  • Have a list of things you need to do.
  • Have high-tech security system so that Bug can’t get in.

So, using this amazing information I have so nicely given you, your bedroom will suddenly be clean! Maybe…

What tips to do you have for children for keeping your bedroom tidy?

If you have a question for GG, please leave a comment, let us know how to contact you, and we’ll drop you a line when we’ve posted a 9 year old’s take on it! Thank you for reading.


13 thoughts on “Ask GG: 5 tips for keeping your bedroom tidy”

  1. I am definitely going to recommend that my 9 year old read this very helpful list. I think it will actually help her! Her version of tidying is usually to shove everything under her bed! 😀

  2. lol MY version of tidying is to shove everything under the bed and i’m 34! Thanks for the tips GG – off to get to work now 🙂

  3. Wow – alphabetical books! I think I’ll be lucky if my child doesn’t eat all hers let alone put them anywhere near a shelf! You go GG 😉 xx

  4. All excellent advice GG. I am going to send a link to both my daughters at university – their bedrooms are a complete nightmare!

  5. My 12 yr old daughter seems to live by the rule: ‘if mum can’t see it, I have done a great job’. The problem comes when mum finds it weeks later stuffed behind the bed or at the back of the wardrobe 🙁

  6. Great tips GG- mine would be to invest in good storage – the kind you can open and bung everything in, if it looks neat at first glance that’s mum fooled 😉

  7. Thank you for sharing! I’m a professional cleaner, but ironically my home is a mess, especially the bedroom, because nobody goes there. I’ll definitely use your suggestions. Thank you for sharing!


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