Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle with a Tight Schedule

Picture Credit We’re all aware that we need to eat well and that we need to exercise thoroughly and regularly in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a given and something that has been drilled into us from childhood. But when you have kids of your own, you can quickly begin to find that maintaining and managing a healthy lifestyle alongside an often hectic and cramped schedule is a lot more difficult than it sounds. So many of us slip into bad habits – skipping workouts, opting for junk food or convenience food to cut down on cooking …

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Should you get private tutoring for your child when schools go back?

Working with a private tutor can help after lockdown

How are you feeling about your kids’ schoolwork right now? I don’t mind admitting that – despite friends telling me not to worry, that Covid 19 lockdown is unprecedented, that just surviving and staying happy is the most important thing – I have spent a little bit of time wondering how my children will fare when they go back to school. Have they done enough schoolwork to keep on track for their GCSE’s?   I have teenagers, so you can imagine how well it would go down if I offered to sit next to them at their desks and have …

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Six Lessons Learned in Lockdown

Parenting teenagers - there are precious few opportunities to relax

Image Pexels CC0 License If someone had told you a year ago that people would be wandering around Tesco in face masks, and that your hairdresser would need to don full PPE just to touch up your roots, you undoubtedly, and quite rightly, would have thought that they had lost the plot. In fact, you would probably have smiled politely and backed away slowly so as not to provoke this clearly insane stranger. But, here we are, living through a time that resembles a disaster movie, but with no sign of the credits rolling anytime soon.  There is nothing like …

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Reminding Yourself Of What Matters In Life

  Whenever we watch the news or take a step outside our front door, it’s easy to be reminded of the unpredictability and chaos of how things can go. However, despite the news, or despite the difficulties that you may face, it’s important to note that you can always take refuge in the things that matter. Does this mean we need to become wilfully ignorant in order to be happy?  Of course, it’s impossible to completely avoid real life, yet many of us can find some kind of relief and comfort in remembering what actually matters in life to us …

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